European Particle Physics Outreach Group

Members of the Group

Current National Representatives

Austria Widhalm Laurenz

Govaerts, Jan

Czech Republic Grygar Jiri
Czech Republic Rames Jiri
Denmark Moller Rasmus
DESY Folkerts Petra
Finland Rinta-Filppula Riitta
France Sacquin Yves
Germany Kobel Michael
Greece Koratzinos Michael
Greece Tracas Nicholas
Hungary Arpad Horvath
Italy Gallavotti, Barbara
Netherlands Tiecke Henk
Norway Bugge Lars
Norway Lillestol Egil


Turnau Jacek

Portugal Abreu, Pedro
Slovak Republic Murin Pavol
Spain Sanchis Lozano, Miguel Angel
Sweden Johansson Erik
UK Close Frank
USA Snow, Greg

LHC Experiment Representatives

ALICE Foka, Yiota

Johansson Erik

CMS Barney David
LHCb Jacobsson Richard

CERN Representatives

CERN EPOG Coordinator Draper Mick
Relations with CERN Member States Jarlskog Cecilia

Communications Manager Gillies James

Former National Representatives


Gregoire Ghislain

Bulgaria Piperov Stefan  
France Jacques Boucrot  
Italy Pascolini Alessandro  
Netherlands Jacques Visser  
Portugal Abreu Maria  
Spain Pajares Carlos  
Spain Ferrer Antonio  
Switzerland Joseph Claude  
Switzerland Vite Davide  

Profiles and Contact Information:

Abreu, Pedro
Representative for: Portugal

Av. Elias Garcia, 14, 1., 1000-149
Tel.: +351 217973880
Fax: +351 217934631
Departamento de Fisica
Av. Rovisco Pais, 22,
Tel.: +351 218417774
Fax: +351 218419013

Barney, David
Representative for: CMS

EP Division
1211 Geneva 23,
Tel: +41 22 767 15 29
  • Experimental physicist at CERN;
  • Working on the Electromagnetic Calorimeter project for the Compact Muon Solenoid (CMS) experiment - one of the two "general purpose" experiments at the forthcoming Large Hadron Collider (LHC) - which will start running at CERN in 2006.

Bugge, Lars
Representative for: Norway

University of Oslo,
Department of Physics,
PO Box 1048,
N-0316 Oslo 3
Tel: +47 22 85 50 98 
Fax: +47 22 85 64 22

Close, Frank
Representative for: United Kingdom
Chairman of EPOG, 1997-2001
Physics Department
Oxford University
Keble Road
Oxford OX1 3RH
Tel: +44 1865 273368
  • Professor of physics at Oxford University in the United Kingdom;

Draper, Mick
EPOG Coordinator

IT Department
1211 Geneva 23,
Tel: + 41 22 767 33 48
  • Once upon a time I was a particle physicist in the WA4 collaboration using the Omega spectrometer. My thesis concerned the photoproduction of vector mesons.
  • When ETT Division started in January 2000, I joined as group leader of the Document Handling group. This group had amongst its responsibilities the CERN Photo service and Audio Visual service. 
  • Since 1st January 2004, I am the Group Leader of User and Document Services Group in IT Department.
  • I have been the coordinator/manager of the EPOG Group since its inception.

Foka, Yiota
Representative for: ALICE
EP Division
1211 Geneva 23,
and GSI Darmstad, Germany
Tel: +41 22 767 1026
Fax: +41 22 782 9480
  • Experimental physicist working with heavy-ion experiments at CERN since 1990.
  • Currently member of ALICE, the heavy-ion LHC experiment.  

Folkerts, Petra
Representative for: Germany, DESY

DESY - Deutsches
22607 Hamburg,
Tel: +49 (0) 40 8998 3616
Fax: +49 (0) 40 8998 4307

Gallavotti, Barbara
Representative for Italy

  • Head of the Office for Communication of INFN (Italian National Institute for Nuclear Physics).
  • Director of Gluon, official magazine of INFN.

Gillies, James
CERN's Head of Communications
EC Group,
ETT Division
1211 Geneva 23,
Tel: +41 (0)22 767 4101
Fax: +49 (0) 40 8998 4307
  • Head of CERN's Education and Communications Group;

Govaerts, Jan
Representative for: Belgium

Institute of Nuclear Physics
Catholic University of Louvain
2, Chemin du Cyclotron
B. 1348-Louvain-La-Neuve
Tel: +32 -10 - 47 32 26 
Fax: +32 -10- 45 21 83

Grygar, Jiri
Representative for: Czech Republic

Institute of Physics AS CR
Na Slovance 2
CZ - 182 21 PRAGUE 8,
Czech Republic
Tel:  +420-2-6605-2660
Fax: +420-2-821 227
  • Have a look at this link for more information.


Horvath, Arpad
Representative for: Hungary

Budapest Politechnic
Kalman Kando Faculty of Electrical Engineering
Institute of Computer Engineering
8002 Szekesfehervar Budai u. 45.
Tel:  +36 22 316 260 ext. 125
Fax:  +36 22 312 337

I attended the University of Debrecen, Hungary (It had then the name of Kossuth Lajos). I got a degree in 1995. I am a teacher of mathematics and physics.

The title of my dissertation was: How to observe meteors with a radio? It is in Hungarian language. You can download it. (WinZip, 490kB, Word6.0)

I teach on the Institute of Computertechnic. It is an institution of Technical College of Budapest.

I attend a PhD course in Debrecen since 2003. (Particle- and astrophysics in the school)

I teach mathematics, physics, and UNIX.


Jacobsson, Richard
Representative for: LHCb

EP Division
1211 Geneva 23,
Tel: +41 22 767 36 19
Fax: +41 22 782 30 84
  • For more information have a look at this link.

Jarlskog, Cecilia
Responsible for relations between CERN and its Member States

Directorate Service Unit (DSU)
1211 Geneva 23,
Tel: +41 22 767 79 44
Fax: +41 22 767 67 60

Johansson, Erik
Representative for: Sweden, ATLAS
Chairman of EPOG, 2002-present
Department of Physics, Stockholm University
AlbaNova University Centre
S-106 91 Stockholm
Tel:  +46 8 5537 8670

Kobel, Michael
Representative for: Germany

Physikalisches Institut,
Universitaet Bonn,
Nussallee 12,
53115 Bonn,
          Tel.: +49 (0) 228 73-3532 
Fax: +49 (0) 228 73-3220
  • Professor for Physics at Department of Physics and Astronomy, Bonn University;
  • Experimental Particle Physicist in OPAL (LEP), ATLAS (LHC), D0 (Tevatron, live)

Koratzinos, Michael
Representative for: Greece

EP Division
1211 Geneva 23,
  • Experimental Particle physicist. He is currently involved in the DELPHI experiment at CERN's LEP collider and in the LHCb experiment, one of a new generation of experiments being prepared for the Large Hadron Collider project.

Lillestol, Egil
Representative for: Norway

Department of Physics
University of Bergen
Allegt. 55
N - 5007 BERGEN
Tel: +47 55 582 859
CERN (EP Division)
Tel: +41 22 767 71 61
Fax: +41 22 782 30 84

Moller, Rasmus
Representative for: Denmark

Sankt Annae Gymnasium
Sjaeloer Boulevard
DK 2500 Valby
Tel: +45 36 46 62 22
Fax: +45 36 44 21 12
  • Member of the DELPHI Collaboration at CERN and the HERA-B Collaboration at DESY;
  • He works at the Niels Bohr Institute in Copenhagen;
  • He represents Denmark in ACCU.

Murin, Pavol
Representative for: Slovak Republic

Inst. of Exp. Physics,
Slovak Academy of Sciences,
Watsonova 47
SK - 043 53 KOSICE
Slovak Republic
Tel: +421 956 335 447
  • From '87 involved with H1 experiment at DESY, spokesman of Kosice H1 group (1994-1997);
  • HEP PR activities started with organization of DESY travel exhibition in Slovakia (May '97).


Rames, Jiri
Representative for: Czech Republic

Institute of Physics AS CR
Na Slovance 2
CZ - 180 40 PRAGUE 8
Czech Republic
Tel:  02-6605.2660
Fax: 02-821 227
  • His PR activities in HEP include taking part in preparation and organizing of popular exhibitions in Prague (CERN traveling exhibition 1993, Hadrons for Health 1996);
  • He also translates and writes popular articles and translated the book 'Search for Infinity' by Egil Lillestol et al.

Rinta-Filppula, Riitta
Representative for: Finland

ETT Division,
1211 Geneva 23,
Tel: +41 22 767 98 03
Fax: +41 22 767 36 00
  • She works at the Helsinki Institute of Physics at CERN;
  • She is the project leader of the Web University pilot. The pilot is exploring methods to make CERN more open to the Finnish public by developing flexible learning and working opportunities over high speed Internet.

Sacquin, Yves
Representative for: France

Conseiller scientifique du Directeur
Palais de la Découverte
Av. Franklin-D.-Roosevelt
75008 Paris
Tel : (+33) 01 40 74 86 19
Web site for Palais de la découverte

Sanchis Lozano, Miguel Angel
Representative for: Spain
Departamento de Fisica Teorica & IFIC
Centro Mixto CSIC
Universitat de Valencia
Tel : (+33) 01 40 74 86 19
Fax : +34 963 54 33 81

Tiecke, Henk
Representative for: Netherlands

Kruislaan 409
NL-1099 DB Amsterdam
Tel:  31-20-592.5027
Fax: 31-20-592.5155
  • participated in several experiments at CERN
  • now with ZEUS as senior scientist.

Tracas, Nicholas
Representative for: Greece

Physics Department
National Technical University
157 73 Zografou, Athens,
Tel: +30 1 772 3047
Fax: +30 1 772 2907
  • A theorist, currently engaged in the Phenomenology of String-Inspired Models;
  • As a member of the Greek Outreach Group he is giving popular talks to University and high school students and writes popular science articles;
  • He is also the President of the Hellenic Society for the Study of High Energy Physics.


Turnau, Jacek
Representative for: Poland

Institute of Nuclear Physics
Ul. Kawiory 26 A
PL - 30 055 CRACOW,
Tel:  48-12-33.33.66
Fax: 48-12-33.38.84
  • Professor of Physics at Henryk Niewodniczanski Institute of Nuclear Physics, Cracow;
  • Responsible for matters of popularization and promotion of physics at Polish Physics Society

Widhalm Laurenz
Representative for: Austria

Technische Universität Wien
Institut für Kernphysik
Wiedner Hauptstraße 8-10
A 1040 WIEN
Tel :
Fax :
  • I've participated at the NA48 experiment at CERN
  • I am currently working for BELLE at KEK.
  • I have been (am) involved with a number of OR activities like a webpage for the general public, talks at schools, and planning & organizing of different projects.



Former National Representatives

Abreu, Maria
Former Representative for: Portugal

Av. Elias Garcia,
14-1 P - 1000 LISBOA,
Tel: +351 898 00900 ext 7632
Fax: +351 898 19403
  • Experimental physicist at LIP, collaborating in NA50 CERN Experiment;
  • Professor at the Physics Department of the University of Algarve;
  • Founding Member of Portuguese Physical Society (SPF);
  • Director of the Centro de Ciência Viva do Algarve in Faro.


Boucrot, Jacques
Representative for: France

EP Division
1211 Geneva 23,
Tel: +41 22 767 80 35 
Fax: +41 22 767 94 25

Joseph, Claude
Former Representative for: Switzerland

Institut de Physique nucléaire
Faculté des Sciences
Université de Lausanne
BSP 623
Tel:  021-692.37.01
Fax: 021-692.36.05
  • Experimental physicist at CERN from 1968 until 1975 and again since 1980.

  • Previous experiments: SC19, UA6, NOMAD;
  • Retired Professor of Physics since 1997, now involved in science promotion activities for the Faculties of Sciences and Médicine of the University of Lausanne, Council member of the Foundation Science and City, Switzerland.

Gregoire, Ghislain
Former Representative for: Belgium
Institut de Physique UCL
Ch. du Cyclotron 2
B. 1348-Louvain-La-Neuve
Tel: +32 (0)10- 47 32 16 
Fax: +32 (0)10- 45 21 83

Gottfried, Christian
Representative for: Austria

Technische Universität Wien
Institut für Kernphysik
Wiedner Hauptstraße 8-10
A 1040 WIEN
Tel : +43 1 58801/14201
Fax : +43 1 58801/14299
  • Professor at HTLW1 (Höhere Technische Lehranstalt Wien I);
  • Lecturer and trainer at PIB Wien (Pädagog. Inst. d. Bundes in Wien);
  • Associate at Technical University Vienna (Institut für Kernphysik).

Pajares, Carlos
Former Representative for: Spain


University of Santiago de Compostela


  • He is one of the outstanding professors in Physics in Spain.

  • He has a recognized experience in outreach for the general public, both in writing and in giving conferences.

Pascolini, Alessandro
Former Representative for: Italy

Istituto Nazionale di Fisica Nucleare
Via Marzolo, 8
I-35131 PADOVA
Tel: +39 049 827 7201 or +39 049 827 7220 
Fax: +39 049 827 7208
  • Since1982, Associate Professor of Mathematical Methods in Physics, University of Padua;
  • For a more detailed CV have a look here.

Piperov, Stefan
Former Representative for: Bulgaria

Institute for Nuclear Research and Nuclear Energy
Bulgarian Academy of Sciences
72, Tzarigradsko chaussee blvd.
BG-1784 Sofia
Tel:  +41 22 767 60 35
  • High Energy Physicist, currently working for the HARP experiment at CERN;
  • Member of the CMS collaboration..


Pocsik, George
Former Representative for: Hungary

Institute for Theoretical Physics
Eötvös Lorand University
Puskin utca 5-7,
H-1088 Budapest 8,
Tel:  +36 1 372 25 25
Fax:  +36 1 372 25 09
  • Head of Particle Physics sub-group at the Hungary Academy of Science and member of the CERN-Hungary committee;
  • Professor of the Institute of Theoretical Physics, Eotvos University.

Sutton, Christine
Former Representative for: United Kingdom

Particle and Nuclear Physics
University of Oxford
Keble Road
United Kingdom
Tel:  +44 1865-273 322 direct
Fax:  +44 1865-273 418
  • She is a member of the Particle Physics Group in the Physics Department at the University of Oxford;
  • She is currently paid by the Particle Physics and Astronomy Research Council (PPARC) to spend two days a week as the main contact between the UK particle physics community and the media. A major part of this role recently has been the establishment of a central UK site for news in particle physics. She also gives talks throughout the year to schools and other groups, and gives classes to adults in introductory particle physics through the university.

Visser, Jacques
Representative for: Netherlands

Kruislaan 409
NL-1098 SJ Amsterdam
Tel:  31-20-592.5075
Fax: 31-20-592.5054
  • Formerly health physicist at the Radiochemistry Department of NIKHEF;
  • Public Relations officer since 1990 .


Von Handel, Peter
Representative for: Germany

DESY - Deutsches Elektronen-Synchrotron
22603 Hamburg
Tel: +49 40 89 98 36 12
Fax: +49 40 89 98 43 04

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