Curriculum Vitae; Alessandro Pascolini

Date of Birth:         January 2, 1944
Birthplace:             Faedis (Udine), Italy

Graduate in Physics, The University of Padua in 1967

Research interests: theoretical nuclear physics and non-linear phoenomena

1967-77 At first Tutorial Assistant at the University College Carlo Ederle and since 1972 Supervisor for all the Internal Activities of the College. 
1968-69 Grant Winner, National Research Council
1969 Awarded a Prize for Young Researchers by the Italian Physics Society 
1970-82 At first Member of the Board of Directors of the University of Padua Publishing Company (CLEUP) and since 1979 President of it.
1972-77  Scientific Secretary, the Board of Directors of I.N.F.N.(Nuclear Physics National Institute)
1979-83  Associate Professor of Physics, Faculty of Agriculture, University of Udine
Since1981  Co-ordinator of the Padua Group for a Project on "Analytical Methods and Calculation Techniques for the Study of Non--Linear Equations"
1981-85  Teacher in the Physics Post-graduate School at Padua University
Since1982  Associate Professor of Mathematical Methods in Physics, University of Padua
Since 1983  Auditor, Italian Society of Logic and Philosophy of Science.
Since 1988  Responsible for activities Promoting the Scientific Culture, I.N.F.N. (Director of the I.N.F.N. Project for the Dissemination of the Scientific Culture and the diffusion of the Scientific Output of the Institute through Exhibitions, Conferences and the Use of the Mass Media)
1992-1995  Member, National Committee for the Study, Protection and Diffusion of the Scientific and Historical-Scientific Culture of the Italian Ministry for the Universities, Scientific and Technological Research.
1966  Founder Member, ISODARCO (International School on Disarmament and Research on Conflicts). Since its inception  he has covered the roles of Secretary, President and presently Vice-President)
Since 1970  Regularly Takes Part in Seminars, Workshops and Other Activities of the Pugwash Conferences on Science and World Affairs.

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